Rising to the Top: The Merger of Swedish Startup Giants and Their Triumph Across Borders

In the early 2000s, Sweden saw the rise of two ambitious startups: Pizza.nu and OnlinePizza. Both aimed to transform the way people ordered food in their respective cities. Yet, as international competitors began to encroach, the two companies realized the importance of joining forces to stay ahead.

Pooling their expertise and resources, Pizza.nu and OnlinePizza merged, creating a formidable entity capable of competing not just locally but also on an international scale. With a shared vision and a renewed determination, they set out to become the go-to destination for online food delivery, expanding into neighboring countries like Poland, Finland, and Austria.

Their decision to expand internationally proved pivotal, as they quickly gained traction in new markets, outpacing competitors with their user-friendly platform and wide selection of restaurants. By 2012, Pizza.nu and OnlinePizza had become household names across Europe, offering millions of customers unparalleled convenience and choice.

However, recognizing the changing landscape of the industry, the founders sought a strategic partnership to further fuel their growth. This led to an acquisition by DeliveryHero, a move that would propel them to even greater success under the new brand: Foodora.

With the rebranding, Foodora continued to innovate and expand, leveraging DeliveryHero’s resources to introduce new services and reach even more customers worldwide. From their humble beginnings as startups in Sweden to their evolution into global leaders, the journey of Pizza.nu and OnlinePizza exemplifies the power of collaboration and perseverance in achieving success across borders.